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Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-services app solution with a stunning assortment of 63+ on-demand services extending from Ride-hailing, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Alcohol Delivery, Courier Delivery, On-Demand Tutors, On-Demand Handyman, On-Demand Mechanics, On-Demand Maids, and much more.


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Gojek Clone Script
Top-Notch On-Demand Multi-Service Solution

A Gojek clone script is a ready-to-launch super app solution that offers multiple on-demand services such as on-demand transportation, delivery, household maintenance services, and more. This script is embedded with various exciting features that can be customized with respect to the client’s requirements to scale up their business.

Gojek is an app that started its story as a taxi-hailing service app, but it has kept on outgrowing itself by integrating various services with it for the customers. It has seasoned itself as a one-stop solution for all the needs of a customer. The user now needs to use just one single app for all their needs instead of installing different apps for different services. Our Gojek clone is a similar solution that offers various services in one app. It can be customized with the services you would like to offer your customers. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are able to foresee that the super app is the future of the mobile apps industry join us and launch a super app similar to Gojek, which is already doing wonders in Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian countries.

Opus X - Gojek Clone


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